During our free initial consultation we will discuss what you want to preserve and your budget. We understand how important preserving your history is, and listen carefully to understand your budget and what you want to create, and will work with you to find a way to make that happen. Below are some packages that give an example of approximate costs.

This is a basic package. It includes a 1-2 hour in person recorded interview. Digital production of story including pictures. This package is perfect for preserving and documenting a single life event, or series of events. Average cost $750

Do you have a family reunion or wedding coming up? Want to gather vignettes and remembrances from the special people in your life? This package is perfect for that. A 2-3 hours in person recorded interviews. Digital production of story including pictures. Average cost $1200

Gold – Complete Family or Company Histories
Want to capture your life story or the life story of a loved one for yourself and your future generations? This package includes all the activities necessary to produce a book: planning; research; interviews; transcription; writing; photo scanning, restoration and captions; editing and revisions; proofing and book design. These projects take many hours of interviews, and many hours of behind the scenes work to produce 50-100-page book. Costs range from a few to several thousand dollars depending on the scope of the project.

Additional costs for soft or hard cover production/
Additional cost for audio CD of interview