5 Reasons to Document Your Family History

1  First-person narratives and family histories are important historical documents.

2  You are important and interesting. You have things to pass on to your children and future generations.

3  Family trees are the who, when, and where. Stories add the how, why, and what.

4  Memories over time become fragmented and distorted. People may not remember the things you told them. Write it down!

5  Family histories bring to life family members for those who did not know them.


Your Half-Hour Memoir includes a 30-minute in-person interview, during which we will reminisce about a topic or event important to the interviewee. It will be recorded in audio and can be recorded in video at your request for a small additional cost. The Half-Hour Memoir also allows for up to 20 photos that can be scanned for inclusion in the book.

Your Half-Hour Memoir will be delivered to you in a digital e-book format. It can be delivered in book form for additional printing costs.